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Are Heaven And Hell Real?

Some people tend to think that this is a matter of individual opinions – that if you think there is heaven and hell, then there are but if you think they do not exist, then they don't. That is nothing but a deception!

That reminds me of one my teachers way back in the college who said she did not believe that witches are real. According to her, if you believe they are real, then they become real to you but if you believe they are not real, then they don't exist and they can never do anything to you.

As young as I was then, I knew she was very wrong and each time I remembered her philosophical position on the matter, I couldn't help but laugh at such ludicrous stance. She probably took that stance because it made her feel comfortable but she was wrong nevertheless.

The reality of heaven and hell is not a matter of opinions but a matter of truth. It is either the truth is that they are real or that they are not. This is too important a subject to be left to mere guess work or ideological and philosophical postulations. There are far reaching consequences associated with whatever position we choose to take.

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