Which Will You Be Celebrating?

Is It CHRISTMAS ….. Or ‘The Holidays’?

By Pastor Vincent Imwensi 

They are not the same thing. One is celebrating time off work and school while the other is acknowledging/celebrating the birth of the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Calling the Christmas season “holiday season” is now catching up with many people and in many parts of the world. Instead of saying “Merry Christmas”, many are now saying “Happy Holidays” and they think it is cool.

But it is not so cool when you understand what is going on and the real reason behind the change.

Christmas Is Not A Religious Ritual, It Carries An Important Message
For more than one thousand, six hundreds years, the 25th of December has been celebrated as Christmas to mark the coming of the Saviour (our Lord Jesus Christ) into this world to save man from sin and eternal judgment.

The first recorded Christmas was celebrated on the 25th of December, 336 A.D. under the Roman Emperor Constantine who was the first Christian Roman Emperor.

What makes Christmas unique is the message it carries – the message of God’s love for man.This is not an empty religious ritual.


Recognising The Enemy’s Ploy
Through the years, the Christmas period has become the most celebrated time of the year and in fact, some have actually called it the most wonderful time of the year. It reminded everyone that sometime ago in Bethlehem, a King was born to save humanity from sin.
It is no wonder that the devil became very uncomfortable with it especially as it reminded humanity of the gift of God’s love and their need for salvation.

The clever thing then was to see if there was a way for people to keep on enjoying this period without mentioning or being reminded anything about the coming of the Saviour, Jesus Christ.
That is where this idea came from and that is the exact purpose it serves.

By The Way, Which Holiday Are They Celebrating
In December?

Is it school-term holidays, workplace holidays, bank holidays, or which is it that they celebrate in December?

All through the year, there are different kinds of holidays in different countries. Why don’t they celebrate them? Since when did holiday become a worldwide celebration?
Some will say it is the Christmas holidays – if so, what then is wrong with calling it Christmas?

The important thing about Christmas season is not the fact that people are given some days off work during that period – it’s not about the holidays. But rather, it is what it celebrates – the reason for the season, the coming of the Son of God into this world to save humanity from sin and its tragic consequences.

Who Says It Doesn’t Matter?
I know some would say it doesn’t matter but they are wrong. If it doesn’t matter, why change it from Christmas to ‘the holidays’?

Would you call a girlfriend a wife and say it doesn’t matter? Would you call the company boss an errand-boy and say it doesn’t matter? Would you call a convicted serial killer an innocent man and say it doesn’t matter?
Who says the name we call people, things and events doesn’t matter?

Was Jesus Actually Born On The 25th Of December?
That is an old question and it has a straightforward answer.

Jesus may not have been born in December (or specifically on the 25th of December) but for some reason, that is when His birth into this world has come to be celebrated all over the world for hundreds of years.

It is a common knowledge that birthdays are not always celebrated on the exact day on which a person was born. Someone’s exact birthday may fall on a Monday and then he/she would shift the celebration to the following Saturday or Sunday. In some cases, some even move the celebration of their birthday forward by a couple of months.

So if Jesus was not born on the 25th of December, what does that matter? Does that change the fact that He was born or does that invalidate the celebration of His birth on the 25th of December? It certainly doesn’t.

A Subtle Denial For A Reason
Changing Christmas to ‘the holidays’ is a subtle denial of the coming of the Saviour to this world and/or an attempt to suppress and disregard its significance.

But that was one event that was so glorious that heaven could not contain the joy of God’s angels.

They broke across the boundaries between the visible and the invisible realm, between the supernatural and the natural world, to come down to herald the good news of the Saviour’s birth to humanity (see Luke 2:7-14).

It appears the world nowadays is doing its best to distance itself from anything that has to do with Christ. Many people obviously feel uncomfortable acknowledging that Christ is the reason for this wonderful season and hence their readiness to embrace the alternative called “the holidays.”

Here in London for instance, no mention is made of Christ anymore in shopping malls and public places during Christmas unlike before.

Now, even the Christmas street lights have been stripped of “Merry Christmas” signs.
Christmas songs that used to fill the air telling the story of the birth of the Saviour have all been silenced in public places and in the shopping malls.

America Must Take Responsibility For This
The idea of changing Christmas to “the holidays”, which is a rather recent development, began in the United States of America and like I said earlier, it is now catching up with many parts of the world.

That is unfortunate especially coming from a country fondly referred to as “God’s own country” and whose official motto is “In God we Trust.” This is not a good example worthy of emulation.

Like someone has rightly said, ”if you must copy, then copy right.” Regarding this matter, that is my advice to anyone that cares to listen especially if you are a Christian.

We need to see beyond the veil of social correctness and make sure we do not join anyone in their bid to deny the Lord and tune down the truth of His coming into this world.

Replacing Christmas with “the holidays” is not a more civilised, modernised, and better way of referring to Christmas (as some would like to think).
Instead, it is a Christ-denying way that has been craftily invented.

What About Those Who Are Not Christians?
That is the socially correct excuse often given to justify replacing Christmas with “the holidays” – to make it more inclusive so that non-Christians can celebrate without any religious connotations.

In reality, that is even the more reason why it must remain as CHRISTMAS as it helps to remind everyone (at least, once a year) the story of God’s love for their souls by sending His only begotten Son to this sinful world to bring us salvation.

You are not doing unsaved souls any favours by suppressing or hiding the truth of the gospel from them.

This therefore is a very great disservice and injustice to non-Christians as it denies them the opportunity to be reminded (in a way that no other event might), of the love of God for their souls and their need for salvation.

Is it any wonder that the arch-enemy of the human soul (the devil) is behind it all?

So Friend, What Will You Be Celebrating?
Taking Christ out of Christmas makes the whole thing meaningless.

By God’s grace, as for me and my house, we will be celebrating Christmas and thanking God for sending His Son Jesus Christ to save our souls.

We will not be celebrating “the holidays” – we have no reason to! But thank God, we have every reason to celebrate Christmas and we are looking forward to it.

What about you? What will you be celebrating?

The Best Christmas Gift Ever
Let no one confuse you – Jesus Christ is the reason for this season. Having Him in your life as Saviour and Lord is the best Christmas gift you can ever receive.

So if you are not yet born again or if you have backslidden from Him, now is the time to surrender your life to Him and let Him save your soul. To find out more, click here.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in advance.


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