I Went Out And I Was Grieved.

By Pastor Vincent Imwensi

Yesterday, I went to the shopping area in the city where there are a number of big shopping malls and several shops and they were as busy as a beehive as people prepare for Christmas. The excitement of buying and selling as usual was in the air but one thing was missing. There was hardly any mention being made of the one who indeed is the reason for the season – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Just a few years back, at this time of the year, Christmas songs about the coming of the Saviour to save humanity was blared everywhere you went. Christmas greeting posters and cards were hung in the shops to remind everyone what the season was about. But now, that is almost a thing of the past.

But They Sang At Halloween

I was particularly grieved in my heart because just over a month ago when it was Halloween, some of these same shops were loudly playing Halloween greetings wishing everyone a spooky, scary, haunted, frightening, and ghosts-filled Halloween.  It was okay to play Halloween music and wish customers a wicked Halloween but it is not okay to play Christmas greetings and wish people a merry Christmas. Don’t tell me they don’t know what they are doing. It is an outright denial of the One who came to this sinful world to lay down His life for the salvation of our souls.

A Sickening Denial

This denial is even on a greater scale. Here in London for instance, when it was Christmas, there used to be Christmas lightings in the streets with “Merry Christmas” boldly displayed but that has since become “offensive” and socially incorrect.  The lightings are still there but they have been stripped of those words “Merry Christmas.”

Not to mention that nowadays, some people consider it more socially correct and acceptable to say “happy holidays” than to say “Happy Christmas” or “Merry Christmas.” Why? Because the word “Christmas” reminds people of Christ, the reason for the season – which many are uncomfortable with and/or unwilling to accept.

Even The Gift Wrappers Say So

I was surprised last year when I went to the shops to get a Christmas gift wrapper – it was hard to find one with Happy or Merry Christmas written on it. There were of course a lot of wrapping papers but without Merry or Happy Christmas written on them. It wasn’t like that before. Don’t tell me it doesn’t mean anything! It is part of the denial.  

When you think of the glory that Jesus left in heaven to come to this sinful world and the heavy price He paid to secure salvation for humanity, you’ll see the evil and the wickedness of such blatant denial and ungrateful disregard.

What Can We Do About This?

Of course we cannot tell everyone how to celebrate their Christmas but if you are a born again Christian, I have four suggestions of how we should each address this unfortunate situation.

1. Grateful Praise And Thanksgiving To God.

Let us with a grateful heart specifically thank and praise God everyday during this season (even if it is for just a few minutes each day). Thank God on behalf of humanity for His marvellous love. Thank Him for sending His Son Jesus Christ to this world to save our souls from sin and impending hell. Thank the Lord Jesus for accepting to come to lay down His life in order to save us. And thank the Holy Spirit for making it happen. It took the mystery of the working power of the Holy Spirit for the virgin (Mary) to conceive and bring forth Jesus into this world. Nothing short of a profound gratitude is fitting.

2. Pray For God’s Mercy And Forgiveness

I often wonder how God feels about all this. If as ordinary human beings some of us can be grieved at this, what of the One who offered us such an undeserved gift or the One who Himself came down for our sake and is now being denied and marginalised?  Let us pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness on behalf of the multiplied millions and billions of people all over the world that have chosen to despise and disregard His gift of love, His Son Jesus Christ. There are of course, those who are following sheepishly without knowing the implications of their actions.

3. Personally Appreciate the Gift Of God afresh.

Thirdly, let us take time to carefully read and meditate on the accounts of the birth of Christ our Saviour as presented in the first two chapters of the gospel according to St. Luke and Matthew. Do this, not because you are looking for a sermon to preach or because you don’t already know what is there. But do it to give yourself the chance to properly meditate upon, and gratefully appreciate the coming of the Son of God to save your soul. Let the whole account come alive to you afresh.

4. Share The Good News

And fourthly, spread the good news. Use every opportunity that comes your way to share the good news of the Saviour that God sent to save our souls. Many may not realise it but the reason the giving of gifts and presents is a major part of Christmas is because it is about the One who is the greatest Gift of all time – Jesus Christ, God’s gift to a lost humanity.  There is no greater present or gift that anyone can receive than the gift of life – Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Do You Have This Gift?

Dear friend, if as you read this, you know you are saved (i.e. born again by faith in Christ Jesus), then rejoice and thank God. But if not, the door is still wide open. Receive God’s gift of life as you invite Jesus Christ by simple faith into your heart to be your personal Lord and Saviour. You can do it now – delay no further. To find out how, click here.

Unbelief Is An Excuse That God Does Not Accept.

By Pastor Vincent Imwensi

God does not accept the excuse of unbelief from any man. Every man has the ability to believe or not believe. Believing is a choice that men make consciously or unconsciously. If men did not have the ability to believe and a prerogative of choice where unbelief is concerned, it would have been unjust for God to judge unbelievers who turn down His word. So in the eyes of God, unbelief is an act of wilful rebellion against Him and that is why He judges (and will judge) it.

Deception Is Not An Allowable Excuse Either
It is also the reason God in His righteousness will judge the deceived because they embraced a lie instead of the truth. Deception is not a tenable excuse before God for sin or disobedience to His word. If men did not have a choice to accept or reject a deception, then that could have been a valid ground before God for their ungodliness and it would have been unfair to judge them. But God does not accept deception as an excuse to justify any man’s ungodliness or rebellion against Him.

Even Though Eve Was Deceived, Man Still Paid The Price
When Eve gave in to Satan’s deception, humanity fell and that was what brought us into the mess that we are in. But thank God who in His love sent us a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sin.
Once again, a choice has been presented before every man to believe the truth of the gospel or give in to the several deceptions that abound to turn men away from the Saviour. Those who reject the gospel and die in their sins will face eternal judgment even if they were deceived because in the light of the truth, yielding to deception is a choice.

According to God’s Word, Men Are Without Excuse
God has packaged into every man, a certain degree of the knowledge about Himself. Hence the Bible tells us that it is only the fool who says there is no God. That position is a choice for which God will judge the fool if he does not repent.

God is not confused – He knows the capabilities and the abilities He has put in us and when we embrace a lie and deny the truth, it is at our own very expense.

See what the scripture says in Romans 1:18-21:
“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened.”  

Avoid Wilful Pretensions
One strange phenomenon amongst men is that sometimes, people do not want to admit that they know what they know; or that they can do what they can. There is often a tendency to yield to the line of least resistance or to what is deemed more advantageous/profitable in a given situation.
For instance, this is the reason you sometimes find people who claim they are so weak they can’t do certain things for themselves but when there is no one around to help them and they are hard pressed, they will rise up and do what they claim they couldn’t do.

When it comes to believing the truth, God knows we can believe and that is why He said to preach the gospel to everyone. Those who believe will be saved while those who choose not to believe will be damned.

It’s Time To Believe The Gospel And Be Saved Before It Is Forever Too Late!
Some people tend to think that if they don’t believe the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ because they are atheists, agnostics, skeptics, freethinkers, or belong to other religions, then they are covered. But they are wrong! As long as the Bible is the true word of God and Jesus Christ is our Saviour, none of that is tenable before God.

And here is something never to forget: refusing to believe or accept the truth does not invalidate it – the truth remains the truth.

In Acts 4:12, we are clearly told: “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

Also Jesus Himself told us in John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (NKJV)

Many people will die, leave this world, and stand before God only to find that their arguments, beliefs, debates, and philosophical/religious stance that contradicted the Bible are untenable before their Maker. Then it will be too late to make amends.

Dear friend, you are not reading this by chance, God in His love is reaching out to you. If you are not yet saved (or born again), this is the time to believe the gospel and receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. Don’t postpone this any longer. Want to know how? Click here.

Coronavirus Aftermath:

By Pastor Vincent Imwensi

Since the outbreak of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, most believers all over the world have been praying that the virus would go away and that life should return to normal. That is a right and proper thing to do and by God’s grace, I have been a part of that just like many of you that are reading this. It is also evident that God in His mercy is answering our prayers as attested to by the increasingly positive turnaround of the situation.

But I can see a worldwide persecution coming to the Body of Christ in the aftermath of this pandemic except believers pray fervently to avert it.
You don’t have to be a prophet to see that. In Luke 12:56, Jesus said “…..You can discern the face of the sky and of the earth, but how is it you do not discern this time?”

Bear with me, let me break it down a little bit so you can see what I’m talking about.

Situation Update
Right now, the Coronavirus has caused a lot of grief, sorrow and destruction all over the world. As of date, the confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection worldwide is over 4.8 million people and more than 320,000 have lost their lives to this horrible disease.

The whole world is under a compulsory lockdown in an attempt to save lives and mitigate the impact of this virus – something that has not happened in living memory.

As things stand, many businesses are being forced to close down, large numbers of people are on the way to losing their jobs, hunger and starvation are creeping into many parts of the world, not to mention the fear factor and the sense of insecurity that is pervading everywhere. Consequently, the whole world is in desperate need of viable solution to the Coronavirus enigma.


A Coordinated Worldwide Response
You would have noticed that so far, the proffered response to this pandemic is the same everywhere across the globe. That includes personal hygiene, the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) and social distancing.

When eventually what is deemed a viable solution is found, it will also be embraced worldwide, even if such measures are to the disadvantage of the Church.

The Church And Social Distancing
Social distancing as we have it right now is said to be working very fine and it is being proposed in several quarters to keep it going for quite a long while to come. It is being credited with the declining death rate caused by Coronavirus around the world.
But even though it affects almost every part of society, there is no sector more in the firing line of this “solution” than the Church.

The Church thrives on and revolves around fellowship, which for the most part requires that people come together in a designated location. God’s word commands His people to meet together too (e.g. Psa.50:5; Heb.10:25; etc).
Thank God that social media can be used to communicate the gospel but that it can never replace the need for believers and seekers to come together in a place of worship, is beyond any reasonable debate.

As governments around the world begin to ease their lockdowns, it is almost likely that the Church will be the last sector to be considered for obvious reasons.

Suppose for a moment that social distancing is going to be continued for a long time to come, how do you think that will affect the Church?

How many people can you keep in an average-sized church auditorium if each person must stay two metres apart from others?

What will happen to the faith of many believers around the world who do not have the facilities to connect to a preacher online?

How effectively are we going to be able to reach and win lost souls to the Lord if we have to maintain the rule of social distancing?

With very few people in church, how will it get the financial resources to function and cover its overheads? With many church premises consequently forfeited due to their inability to pay the rent and other associated bills, what becomes of the Church?

The Vaccine Option
Many governments around the world are hard at work to find solution to the situation through a vaccine.

Ordinarily, many people are wary of taking vaccines, how much more when it is a new vaccine that is yet to be well proven?

In his recent exposé on this subject, a well informed friend of mine explained that the vaccine being contemplated is called the MRNA/DNA nucleic vaccine. It works by fusing with human genes (resulting in a type of genetic modification in humans). Now that is serious, to say the least and not many people (if they have a choice) will be willing to give in to that.

As usual, governments will be crafty in the way they introduce it. To be socially and politically correct, they will say it is not compulsory EXCEPT for those who want to be in close contact or proximity with other people (which again, puts the Church in the firing line).
They will say such a measure or exception is in order to protect and safeguard the interest of the general public: and who can blame a government that is out safeguard its citizens?

As it is right now, without any attendance prerequisites, getting people to attend a church service is a challenge in many places, which is why many churches (especially in the West) are scanty or few in membership. If then people must now take a vaccine (which they are unwilling to take) before they can attend a church service, how many people do you think will be going to church?

If the Church says “No” to such a vaccine, it will be considered an enemy and a risk to public safety.
All around the world, several churches (especially evangelical churches) have been burnt down over the years by the enemies of the Church for no just cause. What will happen in a situation where the Church takes a stance that causes it to be seen as a public enemy?

If on the other hand it says “Yes” and embraces it, many who do not want to be genetically modified will keep away. Can you see the point?

The Devil Is An Opportunist
If not stopped in his tracks, the devil knows how to seize and use opportunities like this to his greatest advantage and to the utmost detriment of his biggest enemy in the world – the Body of Christ.
Reaching out to the unsaved and turning them to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, as well as establishing believers in the faith, are the devil’s greatest nightmares on earth today.

The situation created by this pandemic gives him a wide open door to manipulate governments around the world to come up with measures that will subdue, if not totally destroy the Church.

If that happens, serious-minded believers who love the Lord will refuse to comply and that is where persecution will come in.

If Persecution Breaks Out, How Many Will Stand?
With the condition of the Church as it is now, how many believers do you think will damn the consequences and go to church when they know they could be arrested and thrown into jail?

How many will dare go out to witness for Christ in violation of social distancing rules?
How many will be willing to be deprived of their jobs, their comforts, and their social status as a result of taking a stance for the Lord?

At a time when the Church has become so sensitized to the doctrine of social correctness, how many believers do you think will be ready to be branded and treated as “public enemies” on account of their faith and stance for the Lord?

Persecution will do one of two things: it will test to the limit, the faith of those who decide to go all the way with the Lord while at the same time forcing many who are not prepared to suffer for their faith to deny the Lord and go back into the world.

Can you imagine a situation where the dream of making it to heaven becomes a disappointment to many? If you say “God forbid” like I do, then we must pray.

We Must Pray And Do So Now
Fervent prayer is required to avert a situation that opens the Church up to devastating persecutions. Our prayers must go beyond asking that the lockdown be lifted. It must also be directed at what happens after this pandemic.

We need to pray against the introduction of satanic solutions whose hidden agenda will be to suffocate, subdue and destroy the Church.

If we would pray, God is able to grant to governments around the world a solution that will be effective against Coronavirus without disadvantaging the Body of Christ.

Let’s not make Peter’s mistake: when he was given the opportunity to pray, he slept off and when the enemies showed up, he resorted to fleshly weapon which did not accomplish anything and before he knew it, he had denied the Lord three times with an oath! (Mat.26:37-45; 51-52, 69-75).
If only he prayed when he had the time to, the story would have been different.

If you are a believer, please get on your knees and begin to pray. This should be taken seriously. We must not allow the adversary carry out his evil agenda against the Church.

By the way, if you would like to participate in our one month of fasting and prayers coming up in the month of June, click on the image below for more information:


Staying Safe In An Unsafe World
The uncertainties of the times we live in beckon to every soul to find a safe and reliable refuge. The events of the past few months caused by the Coronavirus pandemic have revealed to all of us the fallibility of man and the vanity of our worldly pursuits.

Who would have thought that the whole world (including the technologically advanced) could be brought to a standstill and locked down at the same time? But it happened and even right now, we are yet to recover from it.

I invite you to put your life in the hands of the One who can keep you safe, protected and preserved, irrespective of what happens. That person is none other than the Saviour of the world – the Lord Jesus Christ.

You need Him in your life and if you are not already saved or born again, waste no time any longer. Commit your life to Him today and let Him save your soul. Click here to find out how.

Which Will You Be Celebrating?

Is It CHRISTMAS ….. Or ‘The Holidays’?

By Pastor Vincent Imwensi 

They are not the same thing. One is celebrating time off work and school while the other is acknowledging/celebrating the birth of the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Calling the Christmas season “holiday season” is now catching up with many people and in many parts of the world. Instead of saying “Merry Christmas”, many are now saying “Happy Holidays” and they think it is cool.

But it is not so cool when you understand what is going on and the real reason behind the change.

Christmas Is Not A Religious Ritual, It Carries An Important Message
For more than one thousand, six hundreds years, the 25th of December has been celebrated as Christmas to mark the coming of the Saviour (our Lord Jesus Christ) into this world to save man from sin and eternal judgment.

The first recorded Christmas was celebrated on the 25th of December, 336 A.D. under the Roman Emperor Constantine who was the first Christian Roman Emperor.

What makes Christmas unique is the message it carries – the message of God’s love for man.This is not an empty religious ritual.


Recognising The Enemy’s Ploy
Through the years, the Christmas period has become the most celebrated time of the year and in fact, some have actually called it the most wonderful time of the year. It reminded everyone that sometime ago in Bethlehem, a King was born to save humanity from sin.
It is no wonder that the devil became very uncomfortable with it especially as it reminded humanity of the gift of God’s love and their need for salvation.

The clever thing then was to see if there was a way for people to keep on enjoying this period without mentioning or being reminded anything about the coming of the Saviour, Jesus Christ.
That is where this idea came from and that is the exact purpose it serves.

By The Way, Which Holiday Are They Celebrating
In December?

Is it school-term holidays, workplace holidays, bank holidays, or which is it that they celebrate in December?

All through the year, there are different kinds of holidays in different countries. Why don’t they celebrate them? Since when did holiday become a worldwide celebration?
Some will say it is the Christmas holidays – if so, what then is wrong with calling it Christmas?

The important thing about Christmas season is not the fact that people are given some days off work during that period – it’s not about the holidays. But rather, it is what it celebrates – the reason for the season, the coming of the Son of God into this world to save humanity from sin and its tragic consequences.

Who Says It Doesn’t Matter?
I know some would say it doesn’t matter but they are wrong. If it doesn’t matter, why change it from Christmas to ‘the holidays’?

Would you call a girlfriend a wife and say it doesn’t matter? Would you call the company boss an errand-boy and say it doesn’t matter? Would you call a convicted serial killer an innocent man and say it doesn’t matter?
Who says the name we call people, things and events doesn’t matter?

Was Jesus Actually Born On The 25th Of December?
That is an old question and it has a straightforward answer.

Jesus may not have been born in December (or specifically on the 25th of December) but for some reason, that is when His birth into this world has come to be celebrated all over the world for hundreds of years.

It is a common knowledge that birthdays are not always celebrated on the exact day on which a person was born. Someone’s exact birthday may fall on a Monday and then he/she would shift the celebration to the following Saturday or Sunday. In some cases, some even move the celebration of their birthday forward by a couple of months.

So if Jesus was not born on the 25th of December, what does that matter? Does that change the fact that He was born or does that invalidate the celebration of His birth on the 25th of December? It certainly doesn’t.

A Subtle Denial For A Reason
Changing Christmas to ‘the holidays’ is a subtle denial of the coming of the Saviour to this world and/or an attempt to suppress and disregard its significance.

But that was one event that was so glorious that heaven could not contain the joy of God’s angels.

They broke across the boundaries between the visible and the invisible realm, between the supernatural and the natural world, to come down to herald the good news of the Saviour’s birth to humanity (see Luke 2:7-14).

It appears the world nowadays is doing its best to distance itself from anything that has to do with Christ. Many people obviously feel uncomfortable acknowledging that Christ is the reason for this wonderful season and hence their readiness to embrace the alternative called “the holidays.”

Here in London for instance, no mention is made of Christ anymore in shopping malls and public places during Christmas unlike before.

Now, even the Christmas street lights have been stripped of “Merry Christmas” signs.
Christmas songs that used to fill the air telling the story of the birth of the Saviour have all been silenced in public places and in the shopping malls.

America Must Take Responsibility For This
The idea of changing Christmas to “the holidays”, which is a rather recent development, began in the United States of America and like I said earlier, it is now catching up with many parts of the world.

That is unfortunate especially coming from a country fondly referred to as “God’s own country” and whose official motto is “In God we Trust.” This is not a good example worthy of emulation.

Like someone has rightly said, ”if you must copy, then copy right.” Regarding this matter, that is my advice to anyone that cares to listen especially if you are a Christian.

We need to see beyond the veil of social correctness and make sure we do not join anyone in their bid to deny the Lord and tune down the truth of His coming into this world.

Replacing Christmas with “the holidays” is not a more civilised, modernised, and better way of referring to Christmas (as some would like to think).
Instead, it is a Christ-denying way that has been craftily invented.

What About Those Who Are Not Christians?
That is the socially correct excuse often given to justify replacing Christmas with “the holidays” – to make it more inclusive so that non-Christians can celebrate without any religious connotations.

In reality, that is even the more reason why it must remain as CHRISTMAS as it helps to remind everyone (at least, once a year) the story of God’s love for their souls by sending His only begotten Son to this sinful world to bring us salvation.

You are not doing unsaved souls any favours by suppressing or hiding the truth of the gospel from them.

This therefore is a very great disservice and injustice to non-Christians as it denies them the opportunity to be reminded (in a way that no other event might), of the love of God for their souls and their need for salvation.

Is it any wonder that the arch-enemy of the human soul (the devil) is behind it all?

So Friend, What Will You Be Celebrating?
Taking Christ out of Christmas makes the whole thing meaningless.

By God’s grace, as for me and my house, we will be celebrating Christmas and thanking God for sending His Son Jesus Christ to save our souls.

We will not be celebrating “the holidays” – we have no reason to! But thank God, we have every reason to celebrate Christmas and we are looking forward to it.

What about you? What will you be celebrating?

The Best Christmas Gift Ever
Let no one confuse you – Jesus Christ is the reason for this season. Having Him in your life as Saviour and Lord is the best Christmas gift you can ever receive.

So if you are not yet born again or if you have backslidden from Him, now is the time to surrender your life to Him and let Him save your soul. To find out more, click here.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in advance.



By Pastor Vincent Imwensi

Life is a school – the more you go, the more you learn.

And one of the things I’ve found out is that life victimizes those who play the victim. In fact, the way it works is, if you lie down, you will be climbed upon; if you sit down, you will be sat on and if you play dead, you will be buried – it’s as simple as that.

If you want to win, you must get on your feet, wipe your tears, roll up your sleeves and get into the fight determined to win and don’t quit until you do!

It’s Just Not Fair – But That’s The Reality
The pressures, challenges and difficulties of life will furnish you with more than enough reasons to throw up your hands and say I can’t go on anymore.

You may feel like doing so as  the pressures bashing against your weary self may strongly suggest it and even your logical analysis will lead you to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to throw up your hands and surrender. After all, you are only human and there is only so much you can bear (you may tell yourself).


But don’t do it! Don’t give in to that despondency and play the victim. You can’t afford to go by what you feel in this case. It may not be fair but that is the reality.

You must press on even when you don’t feel like doing so and you must lift your head above the waters even when you feel like surrendering to the storm. If you play the victim, you’ll be victimized.

Not Many People Tell The Whole Story
Some of the greatest champions in history in whatever the field, (if they will tell you), came close to giving up. They are all too familiar with that sinking feeling to play the victim and quit but they refused. They pressed through that negative cloud and emerged as champions.

As champions, they are celebrated but not many of them bother to say what they went through and how that they almost gave up. And by the way, not many people care to find out what they went through to become the great successes that they became.

You Also Do Stand A Chance To Succeed
That’s right. You may be bombarded by the thoughts of giving up right now, but if you press through and end up at the other side (of success and breakthrough), many will celebrate you without caring to know what you went through to get there. What you are being confronted with is not new. That is the stuff that champions and winners go through.

If you don’t play the victim and quit, you stand the chance of succeeding and  emerging the successful you that you dreamt of.

Not Everyone Is Born With A Silver Spoon
Not everyone that has succeeded was born with silver spoon in their mouth. Some of the greatest heroes ever known were those who had very little to go on and came close to the brink of failure several times but refused to throw in the towel. Against all odds, they emerged as champions and that is even the more reason they are celebrated. If they could, what makes you think you can’t?

Most times, it is not how weak or strong you are; it is not how gifted or non-gifted you are; it is not how privileged or underprivileged you are. Most times, it comes down to one thing and that is the decision to press on and not to play the victim no matter what.

Get The Help You Need To win
Where do you find the courage to stand when you feel like sitting down? Where do you find the resourcefulness to press on when you feel like throwing up your hands in defeat? And where do you find reason to hope when all you can see is the dark cloud of hopelessness? I will tell you.

That help can only be found in God. He is a friend of the wounded, despondent and failing heart. He knows how to strengthen a man inside out at his weakest moments and most importantly, He has the power and the resources to turn any negative situation around if you will let Him step in and help you.

The first step to opening the door for Him to help you, is to come into a personal relationship with Him. And that is what happens when you receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. Believe me, that will open the door to a lot of good things that will surprise you. Click here to find out how.