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A Special New Year Bonus For You!

by Pastor Vincent Imwensi

As this year draws to a close and 2013 knocks at the door, I believe several of you are already making projections and plans for the New Year.

2013 is Pregnant with all sorts
Just like any other year, the New Year is pregnant with all sorts – both good and evil. That means that this coming year, there will be promotion, increases, open doors, progress, prosperity, good news and many good things.
But also, there will be bad and negative things as well which I wouldn’t like to enumerate (your guess is as good as mine). For instance, it is not everyone who started this year (2012) that is still alive right now. That is to say that every year comes with its own uncertainties and claims its casualties.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way of ensuring that you keep the bad packages away from you and yours while at the same time taking delivery of the good things that the New Year has in stock?  I believe that is by far smarter than to go into the New Year like someone jumping into the dark and hoping for the best.

Do You Believe In Prayers?
I don’t know about you but I believe in prayers – not just because I am a Pastor but because over the years I have been a beneficiary of many answers to prayers. Almost any good thing that I can think of in my life today is as a result of answered prayer.  God hears and answers prayers when it is prayed right and in accordance according with His word.

Therefore I always like to put prayers ahead of me in whatever I do including going into the New Year.  I can’t remember when last I entered into a New Year without first spending some time in prayer and fasting and I have never regretted it!

Prayer works wonders
Even though we live at a time when many people (especially in the West) are trying to distance themselves from God (and actually deny His existence), it does not take away from the fact that God is real and that He answers prayers. I believe that many of the spectacular and unexplainable deliverances that some people have experienced are nothing short of divine intervention in response to their own or someone’s prayer on their behalf.

For instance, how can you explain a situation where there was a ghastly moor accident and everyone in the car dies instantly but one person leaves unhurt? That is not just luck – no matter how you try to explain it.

So it is good to have some prayers laid up in your account  – it certainly becomes handy at the time of need.

An unusual offer
I am aware that there are people out there who would love to do the same (put prayer ahead before going into the New Year) but for one reason or the other, they are unable to do so. That is why I have decided to extend to all visitors and users of this blogsite an unusual bonus.

I am offering you the opportunity to send me your prayer requests and concerns for the forthcoming year and I will present them in prayer on your behalf before God. We are presently undergoing a period of prayer and fasting in this ministry for the New Year. Is there anything you are frightened about or are there any breakthroughs and desires that you yearn to realize this coming year? If you will send them to me, I will pray for you.

No strings attached.
I am not charging you anything for it and I am doing this based on the love of God in my heart. For the avoidance of doubt, when I pray, I do not use candles or burn incense or sprinkle “holy water” or stuff like that. I pray the Bible way – speak to God by simple faith in His word and in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

Send in your prayer requests
If you are interested, simply click on the image below which will link you to the request page. Fill the form and send to me with the requisite details.

Send it as soon as possible – it is important that it gets to me before the 21st of this month when our on-going prayer and fasting for the New Year will end. Please make sure you put your real name and not a fake one. The reason for that is to ensure that you are the one I am actually praying for.

If you don’t believe in prayer or do not wish to send in your prayer requests, then you do not have to do anything and don’t let it offend you either.

Here is wishing you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in advance.