It’s Now Wrong To Call Britain
A Christian Country!

by Pastor Vincent Imwensi

I didn’t say so – I read it in the news. A group of over 50 leading scientists, authors and academicians recently wrote an open letter to the Prime minister to challenge him for referring to Great Britain as a Christian country.

According to them: “We wish to object to his repeated mischaracterising of our country as a ‘Christian country’ and the negative consequences for our politics and society that this view engenders…Repeated surveys, polls, and studies show most of us as individuals are not Christian in our beliefs or our religious identities and at a social level, Britain has been shaped for the better by many pre-Christian, non-Christian, and post-Christian forces…We are a plural society with citizens with a range of perspectives and a largely non-religious society. To constantly claim otherwise fosters alienation and division in our society.”

A lot of people agree they are right, some think they are wrong while others couldn’t care less. I believe this indeed is food for thought.


Stating the obvious
One of the ironies of life as I have come to find out is that a lot of times, people don’t want you to say things the way they are. They want you to meander around the truth and make clever indirect references to the obvious. It is called “tact” and often hailed as wisdom.

It is like telling someone that he or she is selfish. That person will hate you for saying so but meanwhile, he/she is someone who thinks only of himself (or herself) and doesn’t care what happens to other people (as long as he or she is fine).

So as far as this matter goes, sad as it may sound, I think there is a lot of truth in their objection to calling Britain a Christian country.

If it is to be based on past history and a few residual Christian traditions here and there, they will be wrong to say that Britain is not a Christian country but if it is based on the lifestyle, interests, priorities and values of the majority of the people in Britain today, I would say, they are more right than they are wrong.

 The Proof Is Everywhere
If you think they are wrong, go to most churches on Sunday mornings and see how few the congregants are.

In comparison, watch any game-show on the television (be it quiz, football or just any game) and see the multitudes that faithfully sit to watch, giggle and laugh in the name of having fun. It reminds one of what a church congregation used to be.

Go out to the street to preach the gospel to passers bye and see the disdain with which you will be treated by most people.

Make mention of God or Jesus in your place of work and see what happens to you.
Recently, a Christian doctor was sacked for emailing prayer to his colleagues to lift their spirits. He went to the employment tribunal and his sack was upheld. He had committed an unpardonable crime.

In 2009, a Christian nurse in Somerset was suspended from duty after offering to pray for an elderly patient in her care. It is not that she prayed for the patient but that she offered to do so. It was the patient who reported her for daring to make that offer to her.

And there are so many other anti-God, anti-Church, anti-Christ and anti-Christian practices that are enthusiastically embraced and accepted in the British way of life today.
Does that sound like a Christian nation? I don’t think so.

Let’s Call A Spade A Spade.
I read a comment on this subject where someone who asserts that this is a Christian nation said that Christianity is not about going to church on a Sunday but rather about values, ethics, etc.

That is like saying that being a student is not about going to school and attending classes; being an employee is not about leaving your home every day to go to work; being a doctor is not about working in the hospital, etc. That is called begging the question.

I think like many people often do, he was trying to explain and justify the deplorable church attendance situation in Britain. According to Gallup International, 90% of people in Britain do not go to church.

And I wonder what Christian values and ethics he is talking about. Is it the gross sexual immorality that has become a way of life among many Britons? Or is it the divorces, the gay marriages, the silent murders of many innocent unborn babies in the name of abortion, the gun and knife crimes to mention a few?

The situation is such that to even say that these practices are ungodly is an offense to many people and I won’t be surprised if anyone reading this article right now is offended at me for pointing these things out as unbiblical and unchristianly.

Britain Was Once At The Forefront Of Christianity.
On a closer look, I don’t agree that it is right to say that Britain is not a Christian country but rather that Britain is NO LONGER a Christian country.

There was a time when Britain was a beacon of the gospel light to many countries and continents around the world.
In school we were taught about people like Mary Slessor, David Livingstone and a host of others who came to Africa as missionaries to bring us the gospel light and to help put an end to many ungodly practices such as human sacrifices and the like.

And shall we forget the giants of the faith that hailed from Great Britain who were mightily used of God to bless the whole world with the message of the gospel?
People like Smith Wigglesworth, David Brainerd, John Wesley, Charles Finney, Evan Roberts, Hudson Taylor, Charles Spurgeon, John Knox, William Booth, John Bunyan, and many others too numerous to mention.

I Will Be Forever Grateful.
Personally, my life was greatly influenced by a British missionary by name Miss Night.
She used to visit my village back then when I was a little boy. She would gather a lot of us kids together in the church building and would teach us about Jesus.

She used pictures and slides to tell us the story of Jesus. Her teachings were so electrifying and interesting and left a big impression on my young heart. I never used to miss those meetings and anytime I was deprived of the opportunity to go, I used to cry.

She demonstrated how Jesus healed the sick, helped the oppressed and turned impossible situations around. That was when Jesus Christ became my childhood hero.

The good seeds she sowed in my young heart laid the foundation for the rest of my life for which I am forever grateful.

How Are The Mighty Fallen!
So many of us grew up thinking of Britain as the home of Christianity and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and I don’t think we were too far from the truth then.

But to now come to a point where referring to Britain as a Christian country is considered an offence and a misrepresentation, is unfortunate indeed. And it is even more so when you realize that there is a great deal of truth in that.

Even though being a godless and secular nation is hailed by many as a good thing, in the light of truth, that is preposterous.

It is indeed lamentable and regrettable. I can’t help thinking to myself, “how are the mighty fallen!”

How can a nation that used to send out the gospel around the world now come to a point where the mere mention of God in its public life is an offence? That pains my heart. Britain, what happened to you?

Others Protect Theirs, But Britain Throws Hers Away
Many countries around the world are very protective and proud of their religious heritage and identity – especially in the East. Unlike the West, they are not ashamed to bring their religious beliefs into their public life.

I travelled to the East last year and boarded Qatar airways. When you get on board, they leave you in no doubt as to their religious identity. They let you know that the meals they are going to give you have been prepared in accordance with Islamic laws and customs.

When you land at their airports – whether in the arrival hall, check-in counters or departure halls, the workers are dressed in their religious gowns and they are not ashamed of it. And right there at the airport, there is a mosque.
You see, political correctness has not been allowed to replace their religious beliefs.

Many Britons travel there and they see all these and none of them complain – they faithfully follow whatever rules they’re given.

They Visit Temples And Shrines In Other Places
Furthermore, many Britons travel to religious sites and shrines around the world. In some of those places, they are asked to remove their shoes before they can enter the temple and they do so without complaint.

Yes, and that includes high ranking government officials and dignitaries – they pull off their shoes and walk bare footed into these “holy” places to bow down before whatever is worshipped there without questions.

Sometimes, in addition to removing their shoes, they are given religious clothes and paraphernalia to wear and they count it an honour to put such on. But back home, it is a different story – don’t tell them to go to church, it’s an offense and to some, it is even an insult!

Somebody Ought To Ask Why.

The truth is that many of those in Britain today who are anti-Christian, anti-Bible, anti-Christ and anti-Church have their own religious identity where they came from originally and they do not compromise their beliefs.
They do not preach secularism and humanism when they go back home. And who can blame them for doing so here? The fault is not theirs.

Somebody ought to ask: “what happened to our own religious heritage and identity?” Why have we thrown them away? Why has Britain become an empty shell of what she used to be in terms of the Christian faith?

Has God not been good to this country? Why is it an offense to bring God into our public life? Are we smarter and better than those countries where do? If you think we are, think again.

Where Do You Stand In All Of This?
What is happening in Great Britain today – that is, the rejection (or do I say, the deliberate marginalization) of Christianity and everything God, is not the result of one person’s action.  Rather, it is the result of the collective choices, values and preferences that a lot of people living in Britain have decided to embrace.

My question to you dear friend, is, what side do you belong? Are you among those that are turning their backs at God and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ? Even if you are not living in Britain, this question is still relevant.

On this matter, I have a lot of vital information that I believe will be beneficial to you at not cost to you. Click here to find out more.


I Thought Science Knew Everything!

The recent mishap with Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 in which 239 people together with the aircraft disappeared (as it were) into the thin air, is a big slap in the face of modern science.

Most people were (and still are) shocked that in this day and hour with all the technological advancements, such a thing could happen and leave the whole world (including the super powers) scratching around for answers.

Up till this very moment, nearly a month after the incidence, all that the world has to go by are speculations, hypothetical calculations and inconclusive deductions based on some floating debris found in the Indian Ocean.
This is embarrassing to science and modern technology to say the least.


My Heart Reaches Out To Those Affected
For the avoidance of doubt, let me make it clear that this is not an attempt to trivialize the issue or trample upon the feelings of those who lost their loved ones. Far from it!

My heart actually bleeds to think of the anguish that those that lost their loved ones have had to undergo. Just put yourself in their shoes for a moment and you will agree that this must have been a most painful and bitter experience for all concerned.

I therefore extend my deepest sympathy and heart-felt condolences to those affected by this tragic mishap.

I Have Nothing Against Science
Furthermore, I wish to state unequivocally that this is not an attack on science. I have always loved science and even at school I was a core science student. My choice subjects included physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, additional mathematics, etc.
Till today, I am a lover of technology (which is the brain child of science) and it is no wonder that I like electronic gadgets and things digital.

Science And Technology Are A Great Blessing
Science and technology constitute about the greatest wonder of our modern world. This world wouldn’t be what it is today without the immense contributions that have come from science and technology. Just look around – almost in any field of human endeavour, science and technology are redefining the way we live and the quality of the life that we enjoy.
Therefore the value of science is not in question by any means in today’s world.

Where Many Are Getting It Wrong.
The great mistake that many people around the world are making today however, is that they have come to put all their trust in science.

Science has become their God – they believe in it, they trust in it and they totally depend on it. In fact, many are not prepared to believe what you tell them except you can prove it to them scientifically.

That is why many have thrown the Bible out of their lives and why many are not willing to go to church because they will be told to believe what has not been scientifically proven in the science lab.

Many depend on science as if it has all the answers to the issues of human life – but does it?

Science Does Not Know Everything
The disappearance of the Malaysian Flight MH370 is a stark reminder that there is still a big knowledge gap in science.

You will agree with me that a huge aircraft disappearing from the sky is not a spiritual phenomenon – it is physical and material. And there is no reason why with all its technological advancements, the whole world should be caught panting to find answers had it not being that science does not know everything even within its own environment.

Or do you want me to refer to the mysteries around the Bermuda triangle which science has still not been able to solve after these many decades? Let’s not even go there.

Even if all the answers and explanations concerning that Flight were to be found today, that will still not diminish this fact – that science does not know everything. But many people depend on it as if it does.

Even The Super Powers Have Been Beaten Hands Down
If our scientific knowledge was adequate and complete, the answer as to what happened to that Flight should have been provided within the first few hours of its disappearance.

Just think about it – the United States of America, The United Kingdom, Japan, China, Russia, etc – they all struggled to find answers and many still haven’t arrived at any conclusive answer till now!

This is embarrassing – I thought the modern man knows everything (courtesy of science)!

A Pertinent Question
Now here is the big question: since it is clear that there are things that science does not (or does not yet) know even in this physical world, what is the wisdom of resting the eternal destiny of your soul on what scientific knowledge has or has not taught you? What is the wisdom of rejecting biblical truths on scientific grounds?

Like I said earlier, the reason a lot of people are not prepared to believe the Bible these days is because of their reliance on what their scientific knowledge endorses.

What will such people do the day they find out (too late) that there is a whole body of knowledge about their soul that was not within the reach of science? It will be a sad regret. Don’t let that happen to you.

Knowledge Beyond Scientific Proof
Listen to me dear friend, you need to believe the word of God – the Bible. There are many things in it that you may not be able to prove scientifically, but that does not mean that it is not true.

And one of those key truths in the Bible that you need to believe is that your soul needs to be saved. As a human being, you are a sinner (just like anyone else) and one day (when you leave this world), you will stand before your Maker (God) to give account of your life. That is why we all need a Saviour.

If you die and leave this world as an unsaved soul, you won’t like where you find yourself.

This is not intended to frighten you or anything like that (no one gains anything by doing that). This is the simple truth and you need to believe it.

You Need To Be Saved (if you are not already)
That was why Jesus came to this world. He died to pay for your sins and mine.

But since God will not force this salvation on anyone, it is only those who ask for it that get it. So for you to be forgiven of your sins, you need to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to save your soul.

When you do so sincerely, He will save your soul. This is knowledge that you must not ignore. Click here to find out more.

Scientific knowledge does not cover everything – especially things that are spiritual, things that have to do with the eternal destiny of your soul. Don’t place a blind trust on science.

Make sure you are saved or born again (if you are not already) and the earlier to get that sorted the better. More information is available here.

FREE Is Not Always Cheap!

by Pastor Vincent Imwensi

There is often a tendency for many people to treat what is free as “cheap.” Consequently they take it for granted and treat it as a thing of little or no value. But that is a big error and in many cases, nothing could be further from the truth!

Christmas has just passed and one of the main activities for which Christmas is known is that it is a time of giving and receiving gifts.

Do you realise how expensive it can be to get a fitting present for some people you love? Not just in terms of money alone but the huge amount of effort and time that go into searching and finding the right gift for certain individuals. And when you finally buy the gift you are looking for, you wrap it up nicely and give it out for free to the one you intended it for.

Expensive but given out free

The question is, was it cheap simply because you gave it out for free? Certainly not! To the recipient, it is free but to you the giver, it was sacrificial and expensive.

If you pay peanuts, you will hire monkeys: yes but …..
That is a common saying meaning that you get what you pay for and that the cheaper it is, the lower the quality. In a number of cases, that is true. There are things that are of little or no value and when such things are given out for free, it is understandable why people take them lightly.

But what becomes wrong is when that attitude becomes our yardstick for quality assessment and the binoculars through which we look at everything that is free.

We ought to know the difference between what is cheap and free and what is costly but given out free. Failure to make that demarcation is what has left many people behaving in a most ungrateful manner without knowing it.

Too expensive to carry a price tag
The reason some things are given free is because they are too costly to carry a price tag – they are invaluable. Putting a fair price on such things will put them out of reach to the multitudes that need them.

Do you realize that some of the most expensive things in life are free? For instance, the air we breathe in, the water that we drink, the sound health that we enjoy, (etc..), are all free and yet they are often taken for granted until we have to pay for them.

When for example, people suffer kidney failure and their bodily system has to be kept working through dialysis, do you know how much that costs per day? Many times, the dialysis machine has to be switched off before treatment is completed and the patient dies because it is no longer affordable to keep the patient alive (except for those who are very rich).

And yet those, whose kidneys function properly as to need no dialysis, often take it for granted. There are a host of other examples that I could give right now to illustrate this fact but I am sure you get the point.

God knew we couldn’t pay so He offered it for free!
The salvation of our soul is something that is so expensive that no human being could afford it, so God offered it for free. That was why He sent Jesus Christ His Son into this world to die to save sinners free of charge.

The scriptures tell is that “… God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

The salvation that is offered to us free is the most expensive thing under the sun. It cost Jesus Christ unimaginable torture and persecution in the hands of His enemies plus a precarious death on the cross of Calvary. He did all that so that our sins could be paid for and so that we might receive salvation free of charge.

Why are so many people rejecting the gospel?
There may be several reasons but I believe one of the main reasons is because it is free and therefore in the thinking of many, it is cheap and of little value. But how wrong they are!

Regarding the Christmas presents that you gave out, how would you feel if the recipients of those gifts (that had cost you so much time, effort and money) regard the gifts as cheap simply because you gave it to them for free?
That would hurt your feelings, wouldn’t it? That is how God feels when people snub the gospel message and turn down the offer of free salvation by faith in Christ Jesus.

The wisdom of gratitude versus the folly of ingratitude
When something of value is given out for free, wisdom demands that the recipients should acknowledge such with a sense of gratitude – that is the proper response.

The truth is that nothing of value is actually free. It may have been given out for free, but it has cost the giver a lot.
Therefore to snub, belittle or take such benefits for granted, not only demonstrates gross ingratitude, it echoes the very opposite of wisdom (and that has a name – figure it out!).

Let me seize this opportunity to thank many of the users of this blogsite who have left encouraging comments to say how much they appreciate the fact that very valuable insight and information are being given out on this blogsite for free. A big thanks to all of you. Such gratitude and sincere appreciation act as impetus for me to keep it flowing.

Don’t reject God’s gift of salvation
Don’t be among those who snub and reject the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Every man born of a woman is in need of salvation (whether they realize it or not).

Without salvation, eternity holds a very bleak prospect for the human soul. This salvation is being offered free of charge – not because it is cheap but because it is beyond what we can merit or afford.
Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and asking Him to save your soul is the way to receive this wonderful gift. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to do it right away. Click here to find out how.

A Special New Year Bonus For You!

by Pastor Vincent Imwensi

As this year draws to a close and 2013 knocks at the door, I believe several of you are already making projections and plans for the New Year.

2013 is Pregnant with all sorts
Just like any other year, the New Year is pregnant with all sorts – both good and evil. That means that this coming year, there will be promotion, increases, open doors, progress, prosperity, good news and many good things.
But also, there will be bad and negative things as well which I wouldn’t like to enumerate (your guess is as good as mine). For instance, it is not everyone who started this year (2012) that is still alive right now. That is to say that every year comes with its own uncertainties and claims its casualties.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way of ensuring that you keep the bad packages away from you and yours while at the same time taking delivery of the good things that the New Year has in stock?  I believe that is by far smarter than to go into the New Year like someone jumping into the dark and hoping for the best.

Do You Believe In Prayers?
I don’t know about you but I believe in prayers – not just because I am a Pastor but because over the years I have been a beneficiary of many answers to prayers. Almost any good thing that I can think of in my life today is as a result of answered prayer.  God hears and answers prayers when it is prayed right and in accordance according with His word.

Therefore I always like to put prayers ahead of me in whatever I do including going into the New Year.  I can’t remember when last I entered into a New Year without first spending some time in prayer and fasting and I have never regretted it!

Prayer works wonders
Even though we live at a time when many people (especially in the West) are trying to distance themselves from God (and actually deny His existence), it does not take away from the fact that God is real and that He answers prayers. I believe that many of the spectacular and unexplainable deliverances that some people have experienced are nothing short of divine intervention in response to their own or someone’s prayer on their behalf.

For instance, how can you explain a situation where there was a ghastly moor accident and everyone in the car dies instantly but one person leaves unhurt? That is not just luck – no matter how you try to explain it.

So it is good to have some prayers laid up in your account  – it certainly becomes handy at the time of need.

An unusual offer
I am aware that there are people out there who would love to do the same (put prayer ahead before going into the New Year) but for one reason or the other, they are unable to do so. That is why I have decided to extend to all visitors and users of this blogsite an unusual bonus.

I am offering you the opportunity to send me your prayer requests and concerns for the forthcoming year and I will present them in prayer on your behalf before God. We are presently undergoing a period of prayer and fasting in this ministry for the New Year. Is there anything you are frightened about or are there any breakthroughs and desires that you yearn to realize this coming year? If you will send them to me, I will pray for you.

No strings attached.
I am not charging you anything for it and I am doing this based on the love of God in my heart. For the avoidance of doubt, when I pray, I do not use candles or burn incense or sprinkle “holy water” or stuff like that. I pray the Bible way – speak to God by simple faith in His word and in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

Send in your prayer requests
If you are interested, simply click on the image below which will link you to the request page. Fill the form and send to me with the requisite details.

Send it as soon as possible – it is important that it gets to me before the 21st of this month when our on-going prayer and fasting for the New Year will end. Please make sure you put your real name and not a fake one. The reason for that is to ensure that you are the one I am actually praying for.

If you don’t believe in prayer or do not wish to send in your prayer requests, then you do not have to do anything and don’t let it offend you either.

Here is wishing you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in advance.

He Didn’t Know It Was His Father!

By Pastor Vincent Imwensi

Part of my growing up years was in the village before I moved to the city. Life in the village was sometimes hard but there was a lot of fun too. Farm work was never easy but that was not all there was to it. We kids used to play around and have a lot of exciting things to do when we were not busy.

There is fun in village life too
I know that the moment those who grew up in the cities hear of the dirty looking children in the villages, they feel very fortunate and think everyone over there is suffering and about to die. But that is not always correct! Of course there is poverty in the villages and a lot of people live in utter depravity of basic needs.

Those who are better furnished should always think of helping those in the villages who are suffering and dying needlessly. But believe me, there is life in the village too. I mean people over there do have ways of enjoying their lives way beyond what those in the cities can imagine. At least, that was my experience.

I won’t ever forget this!
I remember this day, I and my friends (all of us in our early teens) were out playing in the moon light. At that point in time, the moon was yet to come to its full brightness so it was little dark but it was bright enough for us to play around.

Then not too far away from where we were playing, someone pointed his touch light at one of us. The touch light was so bright it was blinding to look straight into it. He focussed the touch light right onto the face of one of our playmates.

This colleague of mine started to rail abuses on the one pointing the light at him.
He said “Who do you think you are? You are stupid; you are an idiot, just wait for me, I am going to deal with you today, I am going to finish you …..” etc.

And he matched forward like an angry soldier straight towards the one pointing the light at him. And when he got very close to him, the person switched off his touch light and lo and behold, it was his father!

My friend screamed and ran away as fast as his legs could carry him!

We did not have the confusion of “Social Correctness” then
You’ve got to understand, at that time, children were raised to honour and respect their parents.

When your father is correcting or rebuking you, you bow your head in humble submission and take correction.You don’t answer back talk less of insulting your father like it is these days especially in the so called “civilized world”!

Oh well, at that time, nobody had corrupted us with the philosophy of “social correctness” whereby correcting your child is now called child abuse.

So my friend screamed and ran because he couldn’t imagine speaking to his father that way even though he was totally unaware that the light pointer was his father.

When I see the way some people cast the things relating to God behind their backs, I often think of that incidence. Do they realize whom they are snubbing, rejecting, insulting, blaspheming and ridiculing?

Have you ever thought of this?
For multitudes of people, as long as they can get on with their lives, God is totally irrelevant and their godless life styles bear witness to that.

At least, that is the way the majority here in London live and a lot of Americans and several millions around the world are also catching up on that too.

What will such people do the day they find out that the One they scorned and rejected; blasphemed and abused and did not want to associate with all their lifetime, is actually the originator and the owner of the life in them and the very breath in their nostrils?
And believe me, a day like that is coming.

Who told you there is no God?
A lot of people these days have convinced themselves that there is no God and for many others, they don’t want to even think about Him or have anything to do with Him, if at all He exists.

Thanks to Mr Charles Darwin and his cohorts, many of them do not believe they were created by God. As far as they are concerned, they are the product of evolution, which was a product of the big bang, which was a product of the fusion of some particles and atoms, which came out of nowhere!

And many find that more believable and acceptable than what the Bible has to say about the One who created all things! My friend, don’t let anyone deceive you, this world did not just happen and neither did you or your ancestors. God made all things.

Do you realize that the “Light Pointer” is your heavenly Father?
God in His love has been pointing His light at many people by sending their way the preaching of the saving gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

But instead of accepting this wonderful gospel of God’s love and receiving the benefit of salvation, many are turning it down and turning against the Light Pointer. There are many people around the world today who get offended at the mere mention of God.

The gospel of Christ is clearly an offence to a lot of people; it irritates them and they do not hide their utter contempt and disregard for it.

I remember someone telling me some time ago that I was insulting his intelligence because I preached the gospel to him. Are you one of such people?

There will be nowhere to run or hide.
My friend could run away when he realized his error. Like I said, he screamed in horror and ran as fast as his legs could carry him when he discovered that the one he had insulted was his father.

But when we come face to face with God, there will be nowhere to run.
Also, he did not know that it was his father that was pointing the light at him. If someone had told him who the light pointer was, he would never had behaved that way – so his misdemeanour in this case is very excusable.

But what excuse will those who turn down God’s love have? They cannot say they did not know because faithful preachers of the gospel leave no one in doubt that what they are preaching is God’s message based on His word.

Having turned down God’s love on purpose, I wonder what case anyone will have in his/her defence the day he or she stands before God.

Don’t make that mistake:
Choose God’s love, not His judgment

Yes dear friend, don’t make the mistake of rejecting the light of God’s word and His love for you. Reading this blog is part of God’s effort to reach you with His light.

God loves you and He wants you to spend eternity with Him in glory when you leave this world. But for that to happen, your sins need to be forgiven while you are still alive and your soul needs to be saved.

God sent us a Saviour in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ who came to this world and died to pay for our sins. Each one of us has to decide whether to accept Him as our Saviour and receive God’s salvation or reject Him and die in our sins.

Those who reject God’s love and live as though He is irrelevant will stand before Him face to face one day and you can be sure of one thing – it is not going to be funny.

Why not turn your life over to the Lord Jesus Christ today? If you’d like to do so, click here for help.